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Have a Need for Portable Storage? There’s a MI-BOX® for that!

Posted on Oct 30, 2018

mibox storage container

From home improvement to stowing away summer toys, a MI-BOX® can hold it all.


When it comes to portable storage, there’s a simple solution that can be tailored to fit any need: a MI-BOX® container. Remodelling? It’ll work for that. Self-employed contractor? Check. Moving from one home to another? You bet! No matter what’s happening in your world, these super handy containers can help make things easier. 

Here’s a list of scenarios where a portable container can be extra convenient:


Scenario 1: The DIY (Do It Yourself) Renovator

It’s reno day! You’ve finally purchased all your supplies and stacked them up in your garage, forcing your truck to live outside for the time being. Now it’s time for the real fun: demolition! However, before that can happen, all the furniture, books and electronics need to be moved out of their current spots. You scratch your chin and look around wondering where you can put everything.

Cue a MI-BOX®! Simply order one up, and it’ll be sitting outside your front door waiting to be loaded up in no time. All you have to do is drag your furniture outside, and you’ll be ready to get the renovation party started.


Scenario 2: The Workplace and Office Storage 

Own your own small business? Or maybe you’re the manager of a company operating out of an office building. If you’ve been planning on archiving old files, storing surplus equipment and supplies, or doing a little remodelling, you may want to look into a portable storage unit. These helpful cubes can be delivered to the parking lot right outside, and they’ll remain there until you’re finished with it.


Scenario 3: Moving from One Home to Another

As moving day rapidly approaches, it’s definitely time to start thinking about packing up your belongings. Here’s a tip: consider a mobile storage container. Once you’ve filled it, call your storage provider and they’ll pick it up and deliver it to your new address. It’s so easy you’ll wonder why you never moved like this before.

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Scenario 4: Storage for All Seasons

With the changing of seasons comes the changing of toys and activities. From skiing in the winter to boating during the summer, you’ll likely find yourself searching for seasonal storage. If you find yourself looking for places to store your gear each year, it’s time to consider portable storage. 


Scenario 5: The Contractor

If you work on a site that requires easy access to a wide variety of tools and equipment, a MI-BOX® may be the perfect solution. These convenient containers are easy to move around (it just takes a quick phone call), weatherproof, theft resistant, and able to hold a large amount of stuff. Plus, if the weather isn’t ideal, you can turn it into a makeshift workspace.


If you’re ready to make things easier on yourself, call the friendly team at Space Centre Storage. We can get you set up with a storage container rental in minutes. We also offer onsite storage lockers, commercial storage services, and so much more.


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