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Reduce Clutter for the Holidays with Local Storage Lockers

Posted on Nov 06, 2018

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Christmas is coming! Take advantage of your local storage facilities to reduce clutter in preparation


It’s such a magical time of year. The Christmas carols playing overhead at your favourite stores, the lights twinkling away on homes in the neighbourhood, and the chill in the air can only mean one thing – Christmas is on its way! Before it’s time to pull your festive decorations out of the local storage facility, prepare yourself with these helpful tips.


1. Do a pre-Christmas purge

With the holiday season comes gifts – lots of them. From boxes of chocolate to meaningful gifts from loved ones there’s going to be more items coming into your home than you may be prepared for. To keep clutter to a minimum, do a quick purge. With a bag in each hand – one for donations and one for trash – walk through each room. If you haven’t used it for a year or will not use during the next year, get rid of it.


2. Find a home for everything

In theory, if every item in your home has a spot where it belongs, you should never have clutter. However, that’s not totally realistic. To keep clutter reduced, though, consider finding homes for as many items as possible. If necessary, buy a few storage totes to help.


3. Tackle the problem areas one at a time

We all have them – junk drawers, expired condiments, overflowing linen closets. After you’ve purged, make a note of any remaining problem areas. Then, once you’ve taken stock of each area, set a schedule to tackle them. If you try and do them all in one day, you may burn yourself out. Instead, do one once a week or every few days leading up to the holidays.


4. Find a local storage facility

If you’ve stumbled across seasonal items that won’t be needed until next summer, consider tucking them away in a storage locker. Alternatively, if you found yourself with more than one donation bag after your purging adventure, you may want to host a garage sale and consider storing them until the snow melts.


If you do choose to go down the garage-sale road, check out our previous post for helpful tips: MI-BOX® & More: How to Have a Great Garage Sale.


5. Don’t just limit yourself to decluttering the small items.

The big items need a home too. If you need to find a home for your boat, RV, or motorcycle during the winter months, a local storage facility is the perfect solution. Look for a facility that specializes in vehicle storage, and you’ll be on your way to a clutter-free Christmas.


If you’re on the hunt for a secure storage locker to help with the decluttering process, come and speak to the storage solution experts at Space Centre Storage. We offer a variety of solutions, from tire storage in Kelowna to portable storage units.


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