A Stress-Free Summer Vacation with Space Centre Storage’s Vehicle Storage Solutions

Posted on July 27, 2023

A Stress-Free Summer Vacation with Space Centre Storage’s Vehicle Storage Solutions

There’s a reason the weeks leading up to your vacation are pure mayhem. Days blend, and you lose the sense of time taking care of a dozen details: someone to water your plants, check; friends or family to take care of your pets, check; out-of-office email notification, check; but… what about your vehicle?

You’ve landed on just the right page for how to store your vehicle while you’re on vacation safely; after all, the last thing you want to add to your list of post-vacation blues is vehicle woes.

Here’s why you should opt for Space Centre Storage to store your vehicle while you're away. Storage and safety are the two main troubles you risk facing if you leave your vehicle unattended while on vacation. For storage, people usually leave their vehicles with friends or family members who can keep an eye on them and drive them around for a bit, but what if they’re busy planning their own trip and you don’t find anything convenient in time? And for security, even if you manage to spare enough time to carefully pack and store belongings from your car, sorting out issues of monitoring your vehicle will make your head spin.

Now that we’ve covered the important ‘why’s,’ let's move on to the burning ‘hows’ of preparing your vehicle before leaving it in our capable hands.

  1. Service your vehicle before storage: Change the oil to avoid engine damage from contaminants during long-term storage.

  2. Keep the gas tank full: Prevent moisture build-up and drying out of seals by ensuring a full gas tank. Consider using a fuel stabilizer to maintain the gas quality.

  3. Manage battery life: A vehicle in storage for a significant period will eventually lose its battery life if not started or used periodically. The best option that does not require electricity or a third party to start the vehicle while it’s in storage is to disconnect the negative battery cable.

  4. Protect from critters: Block entry points for mice, like the exhaust pipe and air intake, and use peppermint oil-soaked cotton balls to help keep the tiny creatures away.

  5. Invest in a vehicle cover: Protect your vehicle from the elements during outdoor storage by using a suitable car cover. If you are unsure about the kind of cover your vehicle needs, an easy Google search for your vehicle’s year, make, and model cover will pull up plenty of options; this article is a good starting point.

  6. Check the tire pressure: Ensure your tires are properly inflated before storage to avoid flat tires upon vehicle retrieval. It would be a waste of your golden tan to change tires as soon as you pick up your vehicle.

  7. Avoid using the parking brake: Long-term use can cause brake pads to fuse with rotors; use wheel chocks instead.

  8. Keep your insurance and registration updated: You must maintain insurance and registration even during storage, as it is essential to keep your vehicle safe. Adjusting the coverage with your insurance provider may save you some bucks.

Use these pointers to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape when it isn’t being used. Our vehicle storage site has convenient access to fresh water and a sani-dump station. We also have top-notch security features: a passcode entry system, an on-site resident, an alarm system with sirens and lighting, security video surveillance, and an after-hours security patroller.

If you want to get those wheels turning towards a storage site but are unsure which direction you’re headed in? Don’t fret; Space Centre Storage can help! We’ve been around serving residents since 1985; contact us for some expert advice and get started on the right wheel before your vacation.

Space Centre Storage can answer any of your questions around safely storing your items. They are the largest facility in the Okanagan and have been serving residents since 1985. Contact them today to inquire about the perfect storage solutions.

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