Don’t Let a Smelly Storage Unit Get You Down

Posted on June 29, 2023

Planning out your packing makes all the difference

Storage units are the perfect tool for tucking away your unused furniture, clothing, and those knick-knacks you simply cannot part with but just like an attic or basement space, a storage unit can develop some funky smells over time. Your dedicated staff at Space Centre Storage Kelowna work hard to ensure the facility and surrounding areas are kept clean and fresh and with a little effort, you yourself can utilize some very simple tricks to ensure that each time you return to your storage unit, your precious items inside smell just as you left them.

When you’re considering a personal storage unit, opt for one that is temperature-controlled if you have items that need protection from freezing or intense heat, like wooden furniture and artwork that could warp or canned/bottled goods that could crack and leak. These units are not only at the perfect temperature year-round but also promote regular airflow to discourage stagnant air, humidity, and mold.

Regardless of the type of storage unit you choose, use air and water-tight containers for packing that won’t allow a build-up of moisture. As an added touch, throw a fragrant dryer sheet into each box. Ensure all storage containers are clean both inside and out to discourage rodents or bugs from finding your stash of valuables and devising a way into them. Understand what items with unpredictable smells should not be innocently stored in a storage unit, for example, plants, dead animals (yes, we said it), or vehicle tires. For the same reason, remember to take any garbage with you - like food wrappers and drink containers - after you’ve finished packing in your storage unit. An old coffee cup with creamer left behind can get very stinky, very quickly.

It’s hard to throw an item like a sofa into a sealed box so make the effort to wrap furniture tightly in plastic for an air-tight seal. For added peace of mind, leave in the storage unit a light air freshener or an open box of baking soda to eliminate any odors that may permeate the space while you’re away. And if you live an easy distance from your storage unit, pay it a visit once in a while to throw open the door and let the air move around a little more. Who doesn’t love to revisit their treasures occasionally?!

You can’t always completely eradicate musty odors in your storage unit but you can reduce them significantly by following these easy tips. Curious to learn more about storage units or get additional packing advice? Reach out to your professional team at Space Centre Kelowna today!

Space Centre Storage can answer any of your questions around safely storing your items. They are the largest facility in the Okanagan and have been serving residents since 1985. Contact them today to inquire about the perfect storage solutions.

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