Home Renovations: How a Forklift an d Storage Can Help

Posted on May 31, 2016

Family Self Storage

If you're planning an upcoming home renovation, the trained forklift operators at Space Centre Storage can help. 

One of the best parts of owning your own home is turning it into your own personal oasis. From changing wall colours to knocking down walls, home renovations are the perfect way for homeowners to turn their house into a home. If you've been collecting appliances and other heavy items that require a forklift to move, before you start that big renovation project, a storage unit can help you keep you organized.



Kitchen renovations are one of the biggest renovations to manage. Since your kitchen is probably the heart of your home, it's no wonder many homeowners look for tricks and tips when planning this big overhaul. Finding a storage unit is one of the most helpful tips we can give you.

When purchasing new appliances, it might be wise to have them delivered to your storage unit instead of your home. This way, if you're not quite ready for the new refrigerator or stove, you can keep it offsite until you're ready for it. When looking for a storage unit to house your new appliances (or the old ones), look for storage centres that offer forklifts with licensed forklift operators and access to a pallet jack.


Building Materials

In preparation of a big renovation, some homeowners like to take advantage of sales at the local hardware stores. While saving money, this can lead to a shortage of storage space around the home. Flooring can be really heavy and having to load it into and out of your truck can strain your back.

Instead of unloading it at home where it'll sit for a few weeks (or months) until you're ready to renovate, drop it off at your storage unit. A lot of times the bundles of flooring are already loaded onto a pallet and can be effortlessly placed into the back of your waiting truck. Head on over to your storage unit and the forklift operators there can swiftly remove the load from your truck and place it into your storage unit for you.



The best, and last, step to any great renovation is the decorating stage. Now that you've knocked down a few walls and turned your living room into an open concept design, you'll likely be hunting for new furniture. In all the excitement, it's easy to purchase the furniture well before the renovation has even finished, or in some cases, before it's even begun. A personal storage unit is the perfect place to store your brand spanking new furniture until all the dust has been swept and you're ready to add the final touches to your new space. 


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If you're looking for a personal or commercial storage unit for your renovation project, visit the friendly customer service agents at Space Centre Storage in Kelowna. We offer solutions for all your heavy material storage needs, including forklifts with trained forklift operators, loading docks, pallets, pallet jacks, and packing supplies and materials."

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