How To Store Outdoor Furniture

Posted on August 25, 2022

Kelowna Storage Centre

Storage units are well-known for additional storage when you don't have enough room in your home. That could be in the form of a storage locker, storage unit, or portable storage container, such as a MI-BOX. Whatever the type of self-storage a person chooses is all about what works for their lifestyle.

Seasonal Storage

Storage units are a great way to store seasonal items, whether landscaping equipment, off-season tires, seasonal clothing, and outdoor furniture. When it comes to putting items in storage, there should be some steps taken to ensure proper storage and to protect your belongings.

One Of The Bigger Items

One of the larger items that often make its way into a storage facility is outdoor furniture during the winter months. Leaving patio furniture outside through Canadian winters can damage the pieces, requiring you to replace them sooner than expected. The first step to storing your outdoor furniture is knowing your storage options and then finding one best suited to you.

Clean Your Furniture

Before tucking your beautiful summer furniture away for a few months, give them a good clean. The type of material it's made out of will determine the best way to clean it.

  • Metal - check for rust and if there is any, use a wire brush to remove it.

  • Wicker - use a damp cloth and wipe the furniture down and then use a coat of paste wax to preserve the finish

  • Plastic resin - simply wash with dish soap and water

  • Wood - it is always best to use an oil designed specifically for wood

Furniture Cushions

When placing the cushions in storage, give the covers a good wash, but remember to make sure they dry completely. It is best to store them in plastic storage bins or sealed storage bags to protect them from moisture; otherwise, there's a risk of mould and mildew forming.

Placing in a storage locker

If you are using a storage unit that already has some of your belongings in it, you may need to do some rearranging. If that's the case, place items you might need to access near the front. It is recommended that you disassemble any furniture that can be, as typically that makes it easier to store and lessens the risk of damage. Like with any furniture, it's best to cover it while in storage.

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