Make it Fit: A Storage Unit Packing Guide for All

Posted on March 12, 2019

storage unit packing

Get all of your items to fit in a storage unit the first time using our helpful packing guide.


One of the main goals of packing a storage locker should be to use as much space as possible while minimizing the chances of damaging your contents. Unfortunately, there aren’t any instruction manuals that come along with packing your belongings into a locker. This is simply because no two people have the exact same items to store.


storage unit packing size

Picking the right storage locker is easy. 


Picking the Right Storage Unit for your Needs  

From a mini storage unit to a full-size one, you’ll need to make sure the unit is large enough for all of your items to fit comfortably. You don’t want to pack your items in so tightly that you can’t get in to retrieve an item at any given time, but you don’t want tons of empty space either.

To get a really good idea of which size locker will work best for you, check out our Storage Locker Size Estimator

A good rule of thumb is to go by the size of the space you’re planning on storing. Students storing the items from their dorm room or singles storing the items from their one-bedroom condo will likely only require a micro unit or an 8x8 unit. For a large family home, you’ll likely require the largest available unit.

For a more in-depth look at how to determine which size locker is best for you, check out our previous post: Storage Size Guide: How to Calculate What Can Fit into a Storage Locker.


How to Pack Your Storage Unit

How to Pack Your Storage Unit Created By This infographic is a great visual aid for seeing how a storage locker should be packed.


Filling the Locker

Now that you’ve picked a locker that works for you, it’s time to fill it.


1. Plan Ahead

When filling up your unit, put the items you need to access most frequently at the front of the unit. This will allow you quick and easy access without having to shuffle boxes around.


2. Consider Shelving

Utilizing shelving makes storing your stuff easy to access and easy to see. It also keeps boxes off the ground and allows you to stack boxes higher than you’d be able to do without.


3. Make Aisles

One of the best ways to store your items is to line the walls first then the middle, leaving aisles on either side. This will give you easy access to everything and save you from having to rummage through piles of stuff.


4. Think Vertically

If you’re storing large items like couches and bed frames and dressers, stand them on their ends. This will ensure these bulky items take up less space and allow you to utilize more storage space.


5. Protect your Stuff

Be sure to properly wrap up furniture by using mattress covers and plastic sheeting. You may also want to use plastic totes for items that are susceptible to water damage instead of packing boxes. 


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