Storage Size Guide: How to Calculate What Can Fit Into A Storage Locker

Posted on February 12, 2019

calculate storage space

You don’t have to be a geometry wiz to calculate what size of storage locker you need. Just use our Storage Size Estimator.


Sure you can go back to your geometry textbooks to calculate how much area there is in a rectangle, but you don’t have to be a math genius to figure out what you can fit into one of Space Centre Storage’s storage lockers. Instead, use our handy Storage Size Estimator to find the best storage solution for you. 

The estimator offers a list of potential items that can fit into one of our eight different sized personal self-storage rental units, along with monthly rates, and who they are ideally suited for.

Renting from Space Centre Storage is not only an economical way to deal with your short-term or seasonal storage needs (especially now with our locker sale currently underway), it ensures your items will be looked after if you will be away on a holiday or work experience.


L+H +W  = Easy

With post-secondary students getting ready to wrap up the semester and spring cleaning on the horizon, many Kelowna residents are looking for an easy and efficient way to temporarily store away items they won’t be needing over the spring and summer months. The size of an average walk-in closet, a 4-by-six-foot storage rental is just large enough for students to fit their clothes, books, small appliances, and other boxes and bins. It’s also perfect for those who live in apartments and condos and need extra space for bike storage or to put away seasonal items such as winter tires and Christmas decorations.


area measurement


When A Little More Square Footage is Needed

Sometimes you just need a little extra space. About the size of two pick-up loads, a 5-by-8 or 5-by 10’ locker is the perfect option for students who are looking to share a storage space. They’re also great for condo, apartment and small business owners who need to off-load furniture and other seasonal items. Use these units for things such as:

  • Chairs, filing cabinets, small desks
  • Small beds or dressers
  • Mattresses
  • Books and record storage (both vinyl and paper!)
  • Seasonal items such as patio furniture
  • Motorcycle storage
  • Barbecues

large storage

For all the Rest

Storage units that measure 8-by-8 feet or larger are ideal when you are planning a more extensive time away or are moving and need to store items from an entire condo unit, home or business. These units should not only offer secure storage but easy accessibility such as outdoor or drive-through access, as you’ll likely be moving heavier items such as major appliances, furniture as well as snowmobiles, ATVs or vehicles into the unit.

For more information, read 4 Ways Storage Facilities are Better Than the Garage.


Space Centre Storage is currently holding a local storage sale on some of its indoor storage lockers. Our 4-by-6-footlockers are now on sale starting at $49 (from $69) for the first four months, while our 5-by-8’ lockers are now starting at $89 (from $93) for the first four months. Contact us for more information and a free quote.

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