My Kelowna MI-BOX®: 8 Things You Need to Know

Posted on November 19, 2018

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A Kelowna MI-BOX® can help you reclaim your home.


If stacks of boxes, unused furniture, and seasonal items are starting to bubble up from the corners of your home, it may be time to consider a Kelowna storage container rental. Besides being super convenient, there are so many more reasons why people are switching to mobile containers from storage lockers and crawl spaces. 

Here’s just a few of them:


1. A Kelowna MI-BOX® is portable.

These containers are so easy to move around. When you rent one, the storage facility you rented from will drop it off anywhere you want it. And if you need it moved? It’s as easy as picking up the phone. All you have to do is call the storage company, and they’ll move it for you.


2. They’re super sturdy.

If you’ve got items that need a little extra care, these boxes are perfect. Once they’re parked, they’re as sturdy as a tank. And if you need to move them? No worries there either. The level lift system ensures the box is picked up and moved without shifting any of the contents inside.


3. They’re weatherproof.

Rain and snow are no match for portable containers. The Duraplate® finish keeps the weather out and the contents inside safe and sound. It’s also designed to allow airflow through the entire unit. This protects the contents from damage caused by moisture and mildew.


4. They’re theft-proof.

A Kelowna mobile storage unit is built to provide the utmost protection and security for your things. Constructed using steel, these units are rust-proof and theft-proof, which makes them challenging to break into once they’re locked up using a secure locking mechanism.

If you prefer, your box can be stored in a climate-controlled environment under 24-hour security. There’s also the option of storing the box outside, behind a barbed-wire fence and under constant supervision by the resident security officer.


5. They’re easy to load.

Each container is constructed with a full-width roll-up door that makes loading up large and awkward shaped objects a breeze. And because these containers sit directly on the ground, it’s easy to wheel in heavy objects.


6. They offer endless storage options.

Whether you want to store a car or just a few boxes, there’s no limit on how much you store. As long as you can get the door closed, you can fill it up with as much as you’d like.


7. You can use them to move.

If you’ve got a short- or long-distance move coming up, you can take full advantage of a Kelowna storage container rental. Simply load up all the contents of your home or apartment and arrange to have it shipped to your new home. Once it’s there you can unpack at your leisure. It really is that simple.

For tips on loading and unloading your container, take a look at our previous post: 3 Tips for Loading & Using MI-BOX® Kelowna Portable Storage Containers.


8. They’re affordable.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly storage solution, a storage container will keep you out of the red.


Are you looking for a portable storage container to help make your life less cluttered? Come and chat with the storage experts as Space Centre Storage. We’ve got a variety of storage solutions available, from storage lockers to RV storage to warehousing services.

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