All For One, One For All: Your MI-BOX® Rental Guide

Posted on August 28, 2018

Mibox Storage Rental Guide

A MI-BOX® works as an off-season storage solution as it can be stored at Space Centre Storage's climate controlled indoor warehouse facility.

You know that old saying: you can‚Äôt take it with you. Well, that‚Äôs not exactly the case when it comes to storage solutions. At Space Centre Storage, we offer a number of self-storage options, and that includes storage that you can bring home with you. Yes, you read that right. Whether you are moving to a new home or business, or have belongings or a surplus of stock you need to offload, a storage container can be delivered right to your door to help you get the job done. An easy process, follow our step-by-step guide on how your MI-BOX® for residential and commercial storage can be scheduled, packed, secured, moved, and returned.


A Phone Call Away

If packing and moving your items to a storage facility is just not feasible at this time, there is another solution. Why not rent a portable storage unit? One phone call is all it takes to have a container delivered to your door. Measuring 7 ft. (width) X 8 ft. (height) X 18 ft. (length), it fits into a standard parking lot, driveway, carport or even on your front lawn.


Pack at Your Own Leisure

Since your storage box rental in Kelowna is good for as many months as you choose, you can take your time and use care when packing. This gives you time to pack your moving boxes room by room. A helpful tip is to make sure you label your boxes clearly. Use colour coordinated markers, masking tape, or durable sticky notes to help you know which room or space the contents belong in, and attach a list of all the contents inside a Zip-lock bag on top of the box.


Loaded and Locked

Loading a unit is easy: Think of it as a stationary semi-trailer parked at your door. A roll-up door and a ramp allow you to place your furniture and boxes inside without too much strain. Tightly secure your belongings for moving and storage by padding and wrapping them using blankets held down with shrink-wrap or tape. For added convenience, place your most used items near the door of your unit for easy access.

Once your belongings are stored, use your own padlock with a key or code to ensure everything is protected.


A Few Portable Solutions

As mentioned, you can keep your container for as long as you like. Once you’ve packed and loaded your belongings, you have a few options:

  • You can use your container as onsite storage at your home or business for as long as you need.
  • You can have the unit picked up and delivered to a pre-arranged location.
  • Or, if you are needing to store it off your property but don‚Äôt have an arranged location, you can have it delivered to Space Centre Storage‚Äôs climate controlled indoor warehouse facility until you need it.


Ready for Lifting

The patented Level-lift system used to load and unload a MI-BOX® storage unit onto the specially equipped moving truck is designed so it won‚Äôt shift or tilt the contents. In addition, only professional drivers are used to transport your contained goods, so you can expect everything to show up at your destination in one piece.


Return Your Container as you Found it

With its steel and Duraplate finish, a MI-BOX® storage container is not susceptible to damage from light commercial use. Once you‚Äôre done using your container, all you need to do is give its interior a light sweep.


For more storage tips, read How to Pack Your Mobile Storage or Self-Storage Unit the Right Way.


If you‚Äôre a business or homeowner/renter looking for an easy way to store and move your belongings, call Space Centre Storage to arrange your MI-BOX® storage container rental in Kelowna. We deliver storage containers to Kelowna, Lake Country, West Kelowna and surrounding areas. We can also pick up your box to store it in our indoor, climate-controlled warehouse facility until you need it.

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