Pack it Up and Forget About It

Posted on June 13, 2023

self storage unit

Nothing beats the convenience of a self-storage unit for hiding your treasured but unused items – unless that storage unit comes to YOU! Space Centre Storage Kelowna has it all figured out, making storage super simple with their MI-BOX. With the ease of a phone call or online booking, Space Centre Storage will transport the MI-BOX portable storage container to you and drop it off, let you pack it up in your own time, then take it away and carefully store it until you need it back.

We could all use a little less clutter in our lives, and if we’re honest, it’s easy to poke around cupboards, the basement, and the garage to find items that should be moved to a storage container to free up space around the house. Living in a cluttered, untidy environment increases stress and anxiety, so give yourself a break! Instead of making multiple trips to a storage locker when and if you have the time, let the MI-BOX come to you exactly when you need it. With a full-sized roll-up door and seamless waterproof roof, the MI-BOX storage container fits in a standard parking spot, and you can take as much time as you need to fill it.  Once you’ve finished packing, Space Centre Storage experts will pick it up with a special level-lift system that won’t allow items inside to shift and take it back to their climate-controlled, secure facility. Every MI-BOX is inspected and cleaned before you receive it, so you don’t need extra-protective packing boxes, and you can rest assured that your items will be in the same condition when you unpack them again.

Whether you’re renovating, moving, or just tidying up before Grandma comes to town, the MI-BOX is a convenient and safe way to tuck away items that are not serving a purpose and simply taking up space. Let the Space Centre Storage Kelowna professionals handle all the driving, and you’ll save money on gas along with precious time in your day. And no more arguing about whether to keep it or chuck it … just pack it!  

Servicing the Okanagan Valley and surrounding areas, the friendly staff members at Space Centre Kelowna have you and your items (literally) covered with the MI-BOX portable storage unit … so reach out today for more information or a quote!

Space Centre Storage can answer any of your questions around safely storing your items. They are the largest facility in the Okanagan and have been serving residents since 1985. Contact them today to inquire about the perfect storage solutions.

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