Start The Holidays By Decluttering

Posted on November 22, 2022

Keep your holiday decorations organized with proper storage.

As the snow begins to fall and Christmas songs make their way to the radio stations, it’s time to pull your holiday decorations out of storage. Or maybe you’ve decided that you’re going with a new theme. Whether you will be adding to your decorations or bringing old ones out, before you get too excited, consider your storage options. We’ve put together some tips to help declutter your storage.

Pull Everything Out

Start your holiday season by pulling all your decorations out of storage, whether you use a closet or a self-storage container. Go through all your items to see what you plan to use and what will either go back in storage or which ones you can part with. Chances are if you have been holding onto some items for years and they have just become dust collectors, you probably won’t be using them again. If this is the case, consider throwing them out, or even better, donating them.

Think Ahead

Yes, excitement is in the air and it’s hard to even think about dismantling after the holiday season but to make it easier at the end of the holidays, look at storage options. There’s nothing wrong with going all out for the holidays; just be prepared with a place to have your items live for most of the year.

Storage Options

With storage often being limited in homes, it’s time to look outside of the home for other options. Luckily, there are a few options that don’t involve you having to use a spare room as your holiday decoration storage. If you have limited space inside your home and on your property, getting a storage rental from your local storage facility is your best option. At Space Centre Storage they have multiple sizes to help accommodate your belongings. If you’re unsure of what storage unit size you require, use our handy storage size estimator.

If you are someone who prefers having all your items close to you and having space in your yard, consider renting a portable storage container such as a MI-BOX. This storage option is the most convenient since you have it right on your property.

Packing Up

When the end of the season arrives, do yourself a favour for next year, by taking some extra time to put away your Christmas decorations. Finding some sturdy moving boxes or plastic containers with lids that can be stacked. Make an inventory list for each container and tape it to the side. In addition to making an inventory label, use clear storage bins if possible. Use other items to protect fragile ones. For example, if you have Christmas-themed towels, use them to wrap delicate figurines.

When it comes to self-storage, Space Centre Storage is the expert. As the longest-running and largest storage facility in Kelowna, the team can provide you with storage and moving tips, while getting you set up with the perfect storage solution. Contact them today to get a free quote on a storage rental.

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