Storage Containers Are Ideal For A Move

Posted on September 19, 2022

Kelowna Storage

Many (many, many) years ago, the only option for transporting your belongings when you moved was to rally up all your friends with trucks and get them to help with moving day. Then came along moving trucks and moving services. Let's keep in mind that back in the day, people didn't move nearly as often as they do these days. Things have gotten a little better, making one of the most daunting tasks a little easier. The invention of storage containers.

Benefits Of Using A Storage Container

Storage container rentals are ideal for moving. Unlike a moving truck, where you need to load and unload it on the same day, a moving storage container is on your timeline. Probably the biggest benefit of using a portable storage container such as a MI-BOX is the convenience. Your local public storage company, Space Centre Storage, will deliver the container to your location and you can proceed to load it as you want; avoiding unnecessary panic and rush on the actual moving day.

In many cases, people aren't moving into their new place on the same day as they move out of their old. When you use a storage container for your move, that's okay. Having your belongings in a storage container affords you the luxury of time. Even once you are in your new home, there's no rush to unload it. 

Other Uses

Sure, storage containers are great for moving. They are also a great option if you are doing any home renovations. Renovating your home with your belongings in it is not as easy as having everything out of the house. However, not everyone wants to load their stuff into a storage unit at a storage facility, and that's when a storage container should be considered. You can have it sit on your property through the renovation and go in and out as you please.

Packing Your Storage Container

How you pack your container for a move is important to avoid having items shift and ultimately risk them being damaged. It's always recommended people use proper boxes for moving to ensure everything is secure and protected. For those larger, fragile items, always use moving blankets to keep them from getting scratched or cracked.

Space Centre Storage is Kelowna's longest-running storage facility and has earned the right to call themselves experts. If you have a move coming up or need additional storage, contact them today.

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