The Essential Guide For That Last-Minute Move

Posted on January 10, 2023

Don’t let a last-minute move intimidate you

Whether you’ve planned it or not, it’s time to move. And you aren't ready. This happens to the best of us, so take a deep breath, calm down, and read through. 

This checklist will help you smoothen out the stress of your last-minute move.

A list can help simplify your moving process 

Make a List

You might be starting late, but start right. List down everything you know you will need in your new home, and everything you know you won't. Life is full of in-betweens, so make a separate list of “maybe’s” that you haven't decided on taking or leaving yet as well.

Note down the items that need to be specially packed, such as your electronics and glassware. Make a note of what you own that needs to go into storage, and the type of storage they need.

By the end of this, you will have a comprehensive list of everything you own, and what needs to be done with them. This will help you cross items off as you pack them, and know where you’ve packed them in!

Did you know that Space Centre Storage offers a free moving truck within Kelowna?

Call Your Moving/Storage Partner

You know your moving date, and have a rough idea of what you will take. It’s time to contact your moving/storage partner now. Book your moving vehicle, and if you connect with Space Centre Storage, they will share their expert advice with you on packing, storage, and moving. If you aren’t moving in your own vehicle, It’s very important to make sure that your moving vehicle is booked and confirmed, or else you’ll be left with a packed home and no way of moving it. 

Sort Your Piles

Remember how you made that list of things you will take, won't take, and might take? It’s time to convert the list to actual piles of items now. You aren't packing yet, but sorting. When you go through your items one by one you will come across things that aren't on your primary list, so this is a good chance to make sure that your list is complete.

It makes life easier if you do your sorting from room to room - especially when it comes to labeling. If you have clothes that need to be laundered - this is a good time to get that done too. Take a look at your pantry as well, and sort your food items into perishables and items that last. If you aren't planning to take a lot of food items and have a lot of leftover clothes, consider donating them. 

Get Your Moving Supplies

Moving isn't half as bad if you don't have to pack. But if you plan right, packing can be fun too!

Now that you’ve got your piles, you have an idea about what type of packaging material you need. Your clothes can go in your travel bags, and you’ll need sturdy boxes for your books, bubble wrap for your fragile items, mattress covers, mirror boxes, and more. Audit your piles and note down everything you need to get to pack these. Don't forget to add packing tape and a pair of scissors to this!

Save time and get all your moving supplies in one place at Space Centre Storage. If you have never packed before or need advice on packing complicated items, the SCS team is more than happy to offer you all the advice you need. 

Start Packing, and Move From Room to Room

List, check. Sorting, check. Moving vehicle, check. Packaging material, check. Now comes the hard part, the actual packing. It’s always more efficient when you move from room to room, not to mention the sense of accomplishment that comes with seeing an empty room.

Make sure to label your boxes as you pack them - and don't completely tape them shut yet. Despite how organized we want to be, you might find your kitchen scissors in your bathroom so leave some room for error.

A MI-BOX can be easily parked in your driveway to make packing and storage so much easier 

If you have items that you are moving to storage, consider an MI-BOX which you can pack right at home and transport to your storage facility. If you aren't planning to use a portable storage unit, keep all items you are moving to storage in a separate room or a section of the house - the hassle of accidentally storing the items you wanted to use in your new home is just not worth it.

Look at all available storage options and what works best for the items you want to store - your furniture might need heated storage, and if you're moving in the winter, you might need a drive-up storage unit. Take the time to know what’s best for you and the items you are storing. 

The Final Check

Once you’ve packed your entire home, do a second round to make sure that everything is indeed packed, and that there's nothing left behind in the odd cupboard. When you are completely confident that everything is where they belong, you can tape your packages shut.

The last step is of course to do a thorough clean-up of your home, move the items that go into storage to your storage unit, and take a deep breath!

You are now all ready to move.

The Space Centre Storage team is well-geared to help with your last-minute moving and storage needs. Contact us now and save the hassle of having to do it all alone!

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