The Power of Proximity: Choosing a Nearby Self-Storage Facility for Disaster Preparedness

Posted on September 12, 2023

Choosing a Nearby Self-Storage Facility for Disaster Preparedness

The city of Kelowna has been under serious alert for the past couple of weeks due to the recent fires and has brought to light an increased interest in disaster preparedness. Natural disasters seldom knock on our doors before their arrival, so it is best to be organized and ready in the event of floods, fires, and other disasters.  

Emergent situations usually call for evacuating to the nearest safe area until danger has been mitigated and you can return to your home; however, you are advised only to take items of necessity and, at most, things that can fit in your vehicle. 

But what about your photo albums, heirloom jewellery, or artwork that you painstakingly created? All these items that make up your life might have to be left behind. This is why a storage unit and proper storage techniques can form one of your first lines of defence. Especially when the evacuation alert comes suddenly, and you don’t have time to worry about anything other than getting yourself and your family to safety.

Space Centre’s self-storage facility in Kelowna is located mid-city and convenient to get to on short notice, either to grab things like important documents quickly or to move items you don’t need on a daily basis into storage near you.

Here are some benefits of choosing Space Centre Storage to store your well-loved belongings:

  • Easy access: We offer four different types of storage units - heated drive-up units, regular drive-up units, heated units, and basic units. Our heated units are for all those priceless pieces of furniture, photo frames, handy batteries, or even canned beverages that you may need immediately accessible while preparing for unfortunate circumstances. The drive-up units offer the convenience of driving straight up to your storage unit so you can load or unload items in record time. We even have 24-hour outside access units because every second counts when you need to get to safety quickly. 

However, if you are a no-fuss person and require simple storage options for smaller items, we’ve got you covered with our basic storage units with push-carts available so you don’t exhaust those muscles!

  • Affordable options: Our storage units range in pricing; from basic storage units to comfortable drive-up heated units, you can find an option that fits your pocket; there is something for everyone around here.

  • Always Open (almost): Space Centre Storage is open all days of the year except Christmas, boxing, and New Year’s Day. Weekends and certain holidays may have reduced hours of operation, but we are always ready to help! Come rain or shine, your storage needs take priority. If you have to prepare for fire season or address emergent needs, we can take care of you.

  • Security provisions: In stressful situations, the last thing you want to worry about is the safety of your belongings at a storage facility. With our after-hours security patrollers, video surveillance, passcode entry system, and siren alarm system, you can be assured that your invaluable items are in safe hands.

If you are still trying to figure out how to store your possessions, here are some frequently asked questions that may help you on your disaster preparedness journey.

Space Centre Storage can answer any questions about safely storing your items. They are the largest facility in the Okanagan and have been serving residents since 1985. Contact them today to inquire about the perfect storage solutions.

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