When In Kelowna, Personal Storage Is A Good Idea

Posted on December 12, 2022

Space Center Storage is here for all your personal storage needs in Kelowna 

Ah, beautiful Kelowna! One of the most stunning locales in BC that lets you experience the full splendor of all seasons. Skiing in the winter, a spot of golf in spring, taking out your boat in summer and hiking in the fall, all the fun things to do here come with a list of things you need to store - carefully.

And that’s why, when you're in Kelowna, personal storage is a good idea! Making sure that your seasonal essentials are stored right will help you save space - and money, in the long run.

Don’t really know what your storage needs are? Use our storage unit size estimator to get an accurate idea about your storage needs.

Winter ready with drive-in, heated storage!

Your bicycle, canoe and summer wardrobe will take a break during winter. Temperature-controlled storage units are specially designed to keep these, and your sports equipment, clothes, wines and more, safe when the cold hits - hard. Heated storage is also perfect all year round to store your important documents, antiques, appliances, and furniture. With temperature-controlled units, you know your valuables are safe from changing temperatures. What’s more, at Space Center Storage, you can simply drive right into your heated unit without braving the elements to get your valuables from the parking lot to your storage! That’s right, we’ve thought of everything!

Everyday basic storage units 

Some things in life are simple and fuss-free. A basic personal storage unit will help you keep those hardy items safe and secure - when they are out of season. Take your gardening tools, lawn equipment, and outdoor furniture - and once the holidays are done, those extra dishes! Store them in a basic personal storage unit by Space Center storage, all safe and ready for when you need them again. Although we say basic - you can drive right up to the hallway of your unit, and from there on, use our handy pushcarts to move your things around. Space Center Storage prides itself on creating a seamless and convenient storage experience for all its customers. In fact, we are the most reliable when it comes to storage units in Kelowna!


If you’d rather keep them close…

But sometimes, you’d rather have your belongings close. We understand that, and that’s where the MI-BOX comes in. Our handy, mobile storage units are made of rust and weatherproof material and fit quite comfortably in a standard parking spot. With full-sized roll-up doors, a one-piece seamless waterproof roof, composite wall panels, and hot-dipped galvanized steel frames to keep rust, mould, and mildew from plaguing your belongings while they’re stored, the MI-BOX is perfect for all your storage needs - right at your doorstep.

So what are you waiting for? Visit Space Center Storage for all your personal storage needs in Kelowna!

When it comes to self-storage, Space Centre Storage is the expert. As the longest-running and largest storage facility in Kelowna, the team can provide you with storage and moving tips, while getting you set up with the perfect storage solution. Contact them today to get a free quote on a storage rental.

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