Why a Portable Storage Container is Great in Winter

Posted on November 26, 2020


MI-BOX® can help you declutter your garage in winter.

Are slippery roads preventing you from driving to your storage unit in winter? Do you need easy access and extra storage for supplies, equipment, and more? Is it time to declutter your garage or stockroom? We have a solution, and it comes in a big shiny box. Portable storage containers, such as MI-BOX® containers for residential or commercial, are a great way to add extra and accessible storage just outside your door in winter. Read on to learn more about the benefits of portable storage in winter and what precautions you need to take to ensure your items are safe when the temperature starts to drop.


The Pros of MI-BOX® in Winter

Portable storage boxes serve 4 essential purposes in winter. 

  1. Safety: Not only do portable storage containers save you time, but they provide added safety, as they limit you having to drive to and from a storage facility on icy roads or during limited daylight hours.
  2. Easy access: Most MI-BOX® containers fit into a standard-sized parking space and can be kept in your driveway or parking lot in front of your home or business. Best of all, you can access them at any time, day or night.  
  3. Extra storage: Storage boxes serve as a secondary storage building that you keep on your premises. Think of them as an extended garage, tool shed, equipment trailer, or mini-warehouse.  
  4. A way to declutter: A container can help you declutter your garage, home, or business without having to make constant dump runs or deliveries. Once your container is full, simply call your provider to have it picked up and delivered to wherever you need the contents to go.


Who Benefits from Having a Storage Container in Winter?

Besides homeowners and renters, commercial businesses, such as retailers, contractors, and tradespeople benefit from having a MI-BOX® for storage in winter. Used in the same way as you would a self-storage unit, a container that you leave in your parking space or driveway can be used for:

  • Renovation materials and tools
  • Bike storage and other recreational sports equipment
  • Summer or seasonal tires 
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Merchandise and stock
  • Decor items


How to Protect Items Inside a MI-BOX® in Winter

While many items are safe to store inside a MI-BOX® in winter, it’s important to protect more susceptible belongings from freezing temperatures. Ways to protect your contents include:

  • Looking for a container that is well insulated and limits moisture. 
  • Using packing materials such as plastic containers with lids and wrapping items in blankets or bubble wrap.
  • Keeping an eye on outside temperatures and clearing snow around your container. 
  • Not placing items that contain liquids or other materials that might freeze or become damaged when the temperature drops below zero.
  • Seeing if your container can be stored inside a climate-controlled storage unit when not in use.


For more information, read our Storage Tips on 5 Ways to Keep Your Belongings Safe from the Cold.

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