Winter Specials

Posted on December 05, 2023

It’s the season of giving, and we’ve got some sweet deals you can gift yourself to bring you a little extra joy this winter! Along with winter activities, cozy lights, mulled wine, and presents–come expenses. The festive spirit often makes us loosen our hold on those dollars because we’re all in the mood for a celebration. That’s why we at Space Centre Storage are here to take care of you, your storage needs, and your wallet with our limited-time offers!

Without much further ado, let’s get right into it, shall we? 

Stay Warm For the Holidays

The holidays are generally spent with family; the higher the headcount, the happier the occasion. You will need more space and items to accommodate friends and family who might be staying over, which means it’s time for the squeaky air mattresses to make a cameo again. You may also want to store your luggage to ensure more space in your home while you play the gracious host. Whether you need increased space for when your guests arrive or want to clear out air-beds and decor after Christmas, you can enjoy 50% off your first 2 months of Basic OR Heated self-storage units that are 50 square feet and less.

Discounted 8x10 Units

If you’ve been a little laid back getting all your sunny seasonal items into storage this summer and fall, don’t stress. We’re here to tell you: act now and score an offer that will give you a good bang for your buck. You may have gotten your clothes stored away neatly, but what about that barbecue grill, those gardening tools, your hefty lawnmower, or that ever-growing pile of paperwork begging for file storage? You may even have packed boxes left to store away. Take advantage of 50% off your first 2 months of a basic 8x10 self-storage unit and make more room for merriment!

45’ For the Price of 40’

This one’s for all you snowbirds out there who are flocking to warmer climates without your RV this festive season! Save those bucks and savour those holiday drinks in the sun with this special offer. At Sexsmith RV, you can grab your 12x45 stall unit for just $237 for the first 2 months. It sounds like a great deal and more space for your precious vehicle!

1st MI-BOX Delivery Free

You may want to store your items close to you, maybe those fancy wine glasses you’d like to whip out at the last minute or the cake stand mixer to bake your grandma’s cake. Maybe you’re going all out and are getting your house extra sparkly with some renovation before the holidays and just need some temporary room to store furniture and knick-knacks while you paint away; our MI-BOX portable storage solution in Kelowna is perfect for you. Get your first delivery of an empty 7x16 MI-BOX® for FREE!

So, if you’re looking to find storage solutions in Kelowna to enjoy all the festivities peacefully and without clutter, get started now because there is no time like the present! Our offers are valid until January 7th, 2024, and only apply to new customers. If you’re pressed for time or missed bringing some packing tape or wardrobe boxes, we offer moving & packaging supplies to suit your storage needs.

Space Centre Storage can answer any questions about safely storing your items. Contact them today to inquire about storage solutions for you.

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