5 Things to Look for in Your Self Storage Provider

Posted on April 13, 2017

Things to Look for in Your Self Storage Provider

Look for these five things when looking for self storage options.

In the midst of spring cleaning, you may have stumbled across unused furniture, unneeded baby items, or boxes of items you no longer have room to store. Undoubtedly, this may have you looking into self storage options. Before you swing into the nearest Kelowna self storage facility, take some time to look for a provider that offers up some (or all!) of these services and amenities. 


1. A Central Location

A facility that's close to your home or on your route to and from work can be a big benefit. If you need to stop in at your locker to look for something or drop off additional stuff, you'll appreciate the short drive. Also, the facility should be conveniently located on the beaten path. 


2. A Safe and Secure Self Storage Unit

This is one of the most important features you should be looking for when it comes time to choose a storage provider. Before selecting a unit, be sure to ask about the following security measures: 

  • Is the facility open 24 hours a day? If so, what measures are in place to prevent theft and break-ins. 
  • Are the units weatherproof and temperature controlled? 
  • Are there surveillance cameras? If so, how many and where? 
  • Is there a resident manager to deter would-be thieves? 
  • What other security measures are in place? 


3. Unrivalled Customer Service

When choosing between different facilities, narrow it down to the provider that offers the best customer service. You should look for a Kelowna self storage provider that values you as a customer. While you're there checking things out, observe how they interact with other customers as well as each other. When trusting your prized possessions to a storage facility, you need to make sure you feel right at home. 


4. The Right Fit All Around

It's super important to be mindful of your needs when choosing a storage provider. This will help you find a unit that's not only the right size for all your possessions, but that you feel comfortable trusting your items in the hands of other people. After all, the best storage solution for you will be the one that perfectly lines up with your wants and needs and even your budget. 


5. A Clean and Tidy Space 

Before signing the rental contract, take a tour of the facility. Check the cleanliness of the units and the aisles as well as the condition of the yard and outdoor storage units. A clean space is one that shows pride of ownership. A team that cares about their facility will in turn care about its customers. 


Now that you've separated out all your items for storage, it's time to determine what size unit you'll need. Read our previous post for some help: Size Matters: What Size Public Storage Unit Do I Need?


If you're looking for a self storage unit that ticks all the boxes on your wish list, consider Space Centre Storage for all your storage needs. We also offer a free move-in truck and driver, competitive rental rates and promotions, and access to moving equipment and supplies.

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