Tips For Storing Electronics

Posted on December 16, 2021

Take extra care when packing up your electronics. Don’t forget to remove batteries before placing them in a storage locker. 

Take extra care when packing up your electronics. Don’t forget to remove batteries before placing them in a storage locker. 

When you look at everything in your house, the value of your belongings adds up. The most valuable items are usually electronics ranging from TVs, game consoles, computers, and any other item with a cord attached. If you plan on storing your electronics, whether temporarily or long-term, there are some actions to take to protect them best while in storage.  

Organization Is Key

Have you ever disassembled your electronics and then thrown all the cords in a box? Then when you went to set them up again, you couldn't remember how it all connected? For this reason, organization is essential - mainly for your sanity. Part of the organization is taking inventory before putting them into a storage locker. Often there are small pieces and cords with each electronic device. We recommend storing those in labelled, sealed plastic bags which can be easily identified. Taking pictures of how everything is set up could save you a headache on the other end after you've removed your electronics from your storage unit. Hold onto manuals - you may not think you need them (and you may be correct) but they are good to have if you ever want to sell some of your items. 

Packing Your Electronics

If possible, when you purchase new electronics, hang on to the original boxes as that is the best way to repack them. If you don't have the original packaging, contact your local storage facility, as they may have moving boxes designed for certain electronics. Before you start loading your items into boxes, thoroughly clean them as dust build-up can damage your equipment. The most crucial step (that most people forget to do) is to remove any batteries. If batteries are left in, they can erode and spill battery acid, damaging your electronics. 

When preparing to package items in boxes, never wrap them in plastic wrap as it traps moisture and can lead to mould and mildew forming. If you have access to bubble wrap, use it. If you don't have bubble wrap, find some soft plush blankets and use those to protect your electronics, especially screens and monitors. 

Storing Your Equipment

Finding the perfect storage facility isn't always easy, but rest assured, great self-storage options are available. When storing electronics, keep in mind that they don't do well in extreme temperatures, both cold and hot. It is best to find a storage rental with indoor storage and heated storage space to allow for consistent temperatures. 

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