Why Self-Storage Is Great For Small Businesses

Posted on June 13, 2022

Keep your small business organized by renting a storage unit!

Keep your small business organized by renting a storage unit!

Running a small business can be very time-consuming, and there's usually a lot going on; therefore, it can be challenging to keep everything organized, especially if you have a small office. If you run into office storage issues, it might be time to consider some self-storage options.

Storage Rentals Are Cost-Effective

When you rent storage, whether a storage unit or a storage container, such as a MI-BOX, it can save you money. The cost of square footage for office leases is rising each year, so if you don't need the extra office space for employees but need space to store items, your best option is a storage container rental. Space Centre Storage has flexibility in your rental terms, so renting month-to-month can be extremely cost-effective if you only need short-term storage.

Benefits Of Office Storage

Additional storage will help declutter the working space, and it's been proven that less clutter makes people more productive. Using a storage locker allows you to place seasonal items, such as holiday decorations which don't need to be kept on-site at all times.

There Are Options

Depending on your storage requirements, there are options. If you prefer to have your items close to your office, it's best to look at a portable storage container, where if it doesn't matter, there's the option of a storage locker at a local storage facility. Often businesses have supplies that are sensitive to the temperature and if that's the case, get a storage quote on a climate-controlled unit. A self-storage unit is also a great option if you are doing a renovation.

Space Centre Storage is Kelowna's longest-running storage facility and has storage needs for any small business, including forklift services and drive-up temperature-controlled units. Contact the experts today to learn more about the best storage option for your business.

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