MI-BOX Portable Storage Solution Guide & Hacks

Posted on January 11, 2024

MI-BOX mobile storage containers can be used for just about everything.

Even though life can change just as quickly as the seasons, one thing always remains the same: the need for storage. A handful of solutions are available, whether it's personal or commercial storage. One of the most popular storage options in Kelowna is portable storage containers.

Besides offering a safe location to store unneeded items, these containers are mobile. That means you can keep them in your driveway, in the backyard, outside the office, or even at our Space Centre Storage facility. This convenience factor plays a large role in the popularity of these containers.

If you've been looking at renting a MI-BOX container, take a look at some of the ways these containers have been utilized by both homeowners and business owners, along with some bonus out-of-the-box uses!

Homeowner Habits

  1. Moving - Moving your items between houses is the biggest and most popular need for portable storage containers. Simply pack up and load up, and we can have the container delivered to your new address.

  2. Home Renovations - If you're planning major (or minor) renovations, renting one of these convenient containers is very helpful. You can store your furniture away while you install new flooring, knock down walls, or paint the newly erected ones.

  3. Seasonal Storage - The MI-BOX is perfect for keeping your seasonal gear tucked away until it’s time to use it again. You can unload your trailer or motorhome before it heads off to RV storage for the winter and put the items in the container until you bring the RV home again. You can also store other seasonal items like:

    -Kayaks, canoes, and paddleboards
    -Quads and dirt bikes
    -Life coats
    -Sports equipment
    -Mountain bikes
    -Garden tools and equipment

  4. Downsizing - When it's time to downsize to a smaller place, a container is the perfect solution for storing away items while still keeping them close by.

  5. Garage Sale - If you’ve missed the warm-weather window to hold a garage sale, it’s not too late to put the items away into the storage container until the snow melts. This option will also give you more time to dig through other items in your home that you may no longer want or need. You can even get a jumpstart on pricing the items and storing them away based on size, type, and price.

    For more information on how a portable container can help with your future garage sale, take a look at our previous post: MI-BOX & More: How to Have a Great Garage Sale.

  6. Vehicle Storage - If you’ve got a fun little hot rod that’s better off on clean summer roads, a portable storage container is the perfect place to tuck your prized possession away once the snow falls. Just be sure to put the car in neutral and push it into the container instead of driving it in. You don’t want to scratch that beautiful paint job!

  7. Winter Renovations - When the cooler weather rolls in, many homeowners opt to use this time to do indoor renovations and upgrades. Since the outside is wet and cold, you may be looking for a place to store your displaced items during the renovation period. This is where a portable storage container can be a huge help.

Commercial Storage Uses

Business owners love portable storage containers, too! Here's why:

  1. Document and Furniture Storage - A container is the perfect location for tucking away paper files and extra office furniture. Because they're weather-resistant and theft-proof, these items won't get lost or damaged.

  2. Construction Site Storage - Contractors are finding big benefits with storage containers. They can be packed full with tools and materials and left securely locked on site.

  3. Home Stagers - Staging a home for the real estate market requires lots of extra home furnishings. To keep these items ready, a portable container is the way to go. They can remain at the office or be delivered to the home being staged for easy access.

A MI-BOX can be used for traditional storage use or some of these great ideas instead.


  1. She-Shed or Man Cave - You’ve probably heard of the term ‘man cave’ before, but if you haven’t, it’s typically a designated area in the home that caters to all things male. Think pool table, arcade games, wet bar, or selection of musical instruments. However, you’ve maybe never heard of a she-shed before. It’s the same basic idea as a man cave but caters to women instead of men. Women who appreciate a little quiet time to enjoy their hobbies (i.e., crafting, quilting, painting, writing, etc.) will no doubt embrace the idea of a she-shed.

    Instead of making room in your home for one of these functional spaces, consider renting a portable container. These convenient pop-up locations are perfect for transforming into a man cave or a she-shed.

  2. MI-BOX Garden Shed - If you’re tired of your garden tools taking up prime real estate in your garage or basement, it might be time to consider renting a mobile storage container. Simply call Space Centre Storage and arrange a MI-BOX drop-off. Your makeshift garden shed will be up and running in no time.

  3. Library and Reading Nook - If your book collection is outgrowing its current space, move your books and favourite reading chair into a portable container. Add a rug and a reading lamp, and convert your container into the perfect spot to curl up and get lost in one of your favourite books.

  4. Personal Home Gym - Gym equipment, especially cardio machines, can take up a ton of space. Order a portable container from Space Centre Storage if your basement is overflowing with gym equipment. You can create your very own gym outside the home and create a little more breathing room in your home.

  5. Temporary Playhouse - Give your kids a safe place to play outside, and set up a temporary playhouse in a mobile container. Simply load in some of their favourite toys, sit back, and let them play. You can even take it further by setting up some of their favourite outdoor toys outside the door. This way, you can finally finish some backyard chores while they keep themselves occupied while staying within arm’s reach.

  6. Garage Band in a Box - How many successful (and not-so-successful) rock bands got their start playing in their parents' garage? And of those wannabe musicians, how many were repeatedly yelled at by their parents, neighbours and other passersby to 'Turn that racket down!' With portable storage containers, these misunderstood musical geniuses could have jammed away from the house and avoided a potential tongue-lashing.

  7. Collector’s Paradise - People who collect valuable objects tend to be quite picky about other people nosing in on their stuff. Sometimes, a bedroom or den just doesn't offer adequate security to dissuade other family members or houseguests from having a peek.

    One way to keep unwanted hands off of your cherished collectibles is to lock them away in a portable storage unit. Not only does this provide an enhanced security measure, but a portable unit means your beloved collections will be close at hand so that you can enjoy them in privacy. They're ideal for collectors of:

    -First-edition novels
    -Comic books

  8. Artist’s Den - Independent artists often have difficulty finding a quiet workplace. Having just the right atmosphere with minimal distraction is essential for tapping into artistic creativity.

    Working out of your home can be challenging as you'll constantly be reminded of the daily cleaning, tasks, and errands that need doing. And for most amateur artists, renting studio space is cost-prohibitive. Some artists are finding the tranquillity they covet inside a portable storage unit. Other activities that would benefit from the solitude of a storage unit include:

    -Tying flies for fishing
    -Knitting and crochet
    -Cross-stitching and needlework
    -Research and reading
    -Making jewelry and crafts

To learn about other novel uses of storage units, read The Endless Options for Kelowna Mobile Storage Containers.

If we’ve caught your interest, reach out to our storage solution experts at Space Centre Storage in Kelowna. We offer competitive rates on our MI-BOX containers and can get you outfitted with the container of your choice and on your way to a more organized life!

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