Store Your Items In A MI-BOX, Not Outside

Posted on July 27, 2022

MI-BOX portable storage container

MI-BOX portable storage container

Protect your items from rust by storing them in a MI-BOX.

Okay, you've concluded that it's time to declutter your home. We all need to do it every few years. The issue is, where do you store all your extra items? To start, you can sift through your belongings and determine what items you can part with and which ones you want to keep. Once you have completed that process, it's time to find an appropriate storage option.

Outside Is Not The Best Option

As easy as it is to simply take the items out of your house and place them outside, it isn't the best option. We get it, out of sight and out of mind, but you could damage your belongings by doing so. To not damage your items and find storage space, your best option is to look at a storage container rental, such as a MI-BOX.

A portable storage container is the best of both worlds. You can declutter your house and store items on your property, giving you easy access to them anytime. It's a self-storage solution that is convenient and protects your things.

MI-BOX Details

A MI-BOX can be rented from your local public storage company, Space Centre Storage, and it fits perfectly in a parking spot and can hold up to five rooms worth of stuff. When you rent a portable storage unit, you can keep it on your property or move it to Space Centre Storage's temperature-controlled storage facility. A MI-BOX is made of rust and weatherproof materials, so you can feel confident knowing your driveway or personal belongings won't be ruined.

If a portable storage container isn't the best option for you, there is the option of a storage locker at a storage facility near you.

If you're considering storing a vehicle in a storage unit, you may need to upgrade to a larger size. The most common size storage locker for cars is a 10x20. That said, a compact car, such as a Smart Car or Fiat, might fit in a 10x15, but be sure to measure beforehand. A storage unit of this size is perfect for storing motorcycles and ATVs; remember to prepare them for storage properly.

Safety First

Always put safety first, no matter what unit you rent. Even though there is lots of ceiling room to stack boxes, be careful not to risk them falling, injuring someone, or breaking the contents of the moving boxes

Check out this article to learn more about our MI-BOX storage containers!

Space Centre Storage can answer any of your questions around safely storing your items. They are the largest facility in the Okanagan and have been serving residents since 1985. Contact them today to inquire about the perfect storage solutions.

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